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Prescription Drug Assistance Program for Senior Citizens

SenioRx Intake Form

Free Prescription Help

Be a legal resident of the state of Alabama and apply in your legal county of residence.

For Seniors...

  1. Be 55 years of age or older.
  2. Have at least one chronic medical condition and taking daily medication for the condition.
  3. Have an income at 200% of the poverty level (Some pharmaceutical companies allow higher incomes, so please come in for an evaluation even if you feel your income may be too high.)
  4. Have no prescription drug coverage or insufficient drug coverage.
  5. Have a Medicare Part D plan but are in the coverage gap for services (donut hole) -or- have a Medicare Part D plan that does not cover your drugs.

For those who are disabled...

  1. Be any age and disabled. Disabled means that you:
    • Have been declared disabled by Social Security,.
    • Have applied for Social Security Disability, or.
    • Have a doctor's declaration of disability..
  2. Have no prescription drug coverage or insufficient drug coverage. This includes being in the 24 month gap waiting for Medicare, after applying for Social Security Disability.

Call 1-800-838-5845

Serving All Five (5) Counties:
Colbert, Franklin, Lauderdale, Marion, Winston

Paula Pardue, Coordinator

*Please note that these guidelines above are not the pharmaceutical companies' guidelines. They are guidelines that determine who SenioRx may assist with applying for prescription assistance programs through the pharmaceutical companies. No matter what the SenioRx guidelines for eligibility are, your final eligibility will be determine by each pharmaceutical company's program guidelines.